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Black Women's Natural Hair Styles – A.A.H.V

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4 Artistic Head Wraps To Save You Time And Keep Your Hair Protected This Week


Head covering wraps are amazing. They have grown in popularity to the point where whether you have long or short hair you can still rock it. The beauty of all of this is the fact that they come in many variety of colors. They are much more appreciated in the fall and winter months for their protective styling ability.

There have been plenty of scarves related styles available, we’ve posted one a while ago, 10 fashionable ways to tie headscarf, and in fact it’s one of our most popular post to date. It generated a lot of views and many people like that tutorial. Today’s tutorial shows inventiveness, styles, ease of use, and creativity.

These are 4 simple and stylish head-wrap for whether you are a novice or someone who’s experienced. Let me tell you, this style will not disappoints. They are perfect for any hair lengths. You are bound to walk away from this video with at least 4 dope ideas on how to style your headwrap or turban.

If you like quickness, simplicity and artistic then you are going to love this video.

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On a side note did you check out her jewelry? How awesome is that?



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