3 Insanely Glamorous Makeup & Natural Hairstyle Ideas For Any Holiday Gathering


If you are already planning your Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party 2015, We’ve got the perfect natural hair and makeup tutorial for you. We know how important the holiday is for some of you that we’ve put together our best selection of some of the best makeup and hairstyle videos.

MiniMarley’s Makeup Tutorial With Sparkly Purple Holiday Glam

Talk about holiday gathering, it’s the perfect time to get experimental with our makeup. This helps establish what works before you get to the holiday. Here is a hot beauty look video for you to try:

Glamorous Holiday Flat Twisted Curly Natural Hairstyle

This is a quick and easy holiday hairstyle tutorial. In the video Samantha used a flat iron to achieve her curls, but you do not have to do the same. A twist out, braid out or a bantu knot out can and will achieve those beautiful curls.

Defined Flexi Rod Set On Natural Hair

This is a flexi rod set tutorial for those that like beautiful defined curls. If adding heat in your hair is not something that you’re comfortable with, we’ve got the the video that shows the most defined curls using flexi rod set. You will love the way these heatless curls pop. And the best part is, you can do this yourself for the coming holiday 2015 gathering or office party.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these video tutorials. I and the AAHV’s team wish you and your family a glamorous, prosperous, and joy filled holiday 2015




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